[fixed] Hostapd spam in logs: station X authenticated


I have just set up the stable version of LEDE on a TP Link Archer C7, and everything seems to be functioning correctly. However, looking at the system log in luci, I noticed a ton of hostapd log messages (about 1 per second) which says some station has become authenticated. They all look like this:

Sat Apr 15 21:43:30 2017 daemon.info hostapd: wlan1: STA [A MAC ADDRESS] IEEE 802.11: authenticated

The MAC address is not one that I recognize.

I added a mac filter to the wireless interface for the mac address in question, which did not change the frequency of the messages, but changed their content a little to:

Sat Apr 15 21:46:26 2017 daemon.notice hostapd: Station [A MAC ADDRESS] not allowed to authenticate
Sat Apr 15 21:46:26 2017 daemon.notice hostapd: handle_auth_cb: STA [A MAC ADDRESS] not found

I have run OpenWRT/LEDE on another Archer C7 for a year and a half now and I have never seen anything like this.

Also, I am not sure if this matters, but I am using the router alongside a modem/router running in bridge mode. I think I followed all the instructions for setting up bridge mode properly, but maybe it could be something related to my router config? Again, everything seems to work ok.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Woops, turns out it was an Apple TV on the fritz. Apologies for the unnecessary post. I will try to find a way to delete the thread.