Fixed 23.05.0 Netgear R8000 Build

The OpenWrt 23.05.0 release has a known issue with the Netgear R8000 where the ethernet ports are not working. Please see the 23.05.0 official release notes and the associated github issue.

I have created a build with the fix, found in the github issue, backported to 23.05.0. The image is otherwise identical to the regular 23.05.0 release, there are no special customized packages or build configurations. It should theoretically be what the official 23.05.0 image would have been if the bug was known and fixed before release. Despite this, it is important to note that my build is probably NOT supported by the OpenWrt devs.

I have only quickly verified that the R8000 ethernet ports are working properly and that I could install a few packages (including some kmods), so I am pretty confident that this build should work with any of the software packages in the 23.05.0 release tree. I have not otherwise extensively tested the R8000 as a daily router, and do not offer any kind of support in that regard. I assume functionality is in line with the previous 22.03 series release with the additional updates and fixes provided in 23.05.0.

If you are currently unable to access your R8000 because of flashing the original 23.05.0 release and not having access via the LAN ports, please find the excellent nmrpflash project on github and read the instructions carefully. I was able to flash to this build directly with nmrpflash and recover my R8000.

My build can be downloaded here:
The sha256sum is:

Hope this helps anybody that is looking to use 23.05.0 on their R8000!

Good day. I bricked my R8000 router and I found this thread about unbricking. However, I have no idea to perform the unbricking process. Can you please help me provide the steps so I can follow. Thank you so much. I will appreciate your assistance.

I will assume you are using Windows:

Download the latest nmrpflash -win32 release file. Unzip it
Download the latest Npcap version. Install it
Download either my build if you wish to flash OpenWrt or the latest Netgear firmware if you wish to go back to stock FW.
In Windows, open Control Panel -> Network and Internet. Click View network status and tasks.
Click Change adapter settings on the left
Right-click on your computer's Ethernet adapter and go to Properties
Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click the Properties button
Click Use the following IP address:
Fill out the IP address field as
Fill out the Subnet mask as and click OK
Connect your computer ethernet port to the R8000 LAN 1 port
Open your Downloads folder in the Windows file explorer
Copy the image file that you downloaded, either my file fixed-openwrt-23.05.0-bcm53xx-generic-netgear_r8000-squashfs.chk or the Netgear file, for example R8000-V1.0.4.84_10.1.84.chk inside the folder that nmrpflash.exe is extracted to. Go back to your Downloads folder
Hold Shift and right-click on the folder that nmrpflash extracted to. Click either Open Command Prompt here or Open Powershell window here.
If you are in Command prompt, type "nmrpflash.exe -L" and press Enter. If you are in Powershell, type ".\nmrpflash.exe -L" and press Enter. Take note of the "net" name that is associated with your Ethernet adapter and the address you've set, for example, "net5"
Turn off your R8000 with the power switch
Type "nmrpflash.exe -i net# -f filename_you_wish_to_flash.chk". Or .\nmrpflash.exe if you are in Powershell. For example, ".\nmrpflash.exe -i net5 -f fixed-openwrt-23.05.0-bcm53xx-generic-netgear_r8000-squashfs.chk" and press Enter
Immediately power-on the R8000
Wait several minutes for the upload to complete successfully and for the R8000 to fully reflash. There should be a successful message from nmrpflash in the Command Prompt or Powershell window
Go back to Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connections and the Properties for your Ethernet adapter
Under Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties, change the settings back to Obtain an IP address automatically, and also Obtain DNS server address automatically and click OK.
You should now be able to access the OpenWrt/Netgear router management homepage in a browser window at the address


Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate it. I was able to change the firmware with your fixed openwrt 23.05 however, the wifi is not working no 2.4g and 5g connection. the indicator light is not on. What should I do.

I found the process took a few tries before I got anywhere in terms of flashing, I ended up succeeding with:

nmrpflash -i <interface> -f /path/to/file.chk -t 10000 -T 10000

This substantially reduced the timeout errors I was getting.

I let mine sit for a couple minutes even post flash, then rebooted and waited. it will wait for NMRP every boot (orange LED) before it boots firmware (flashing white).

Also, following these instructions seem to benefit extended operation.


@chainu127 thank you!! All fixed!

I will note the device page still links to the 23.05.0 version, I'm not sure what's needed to change that.

23.05.02 fixes the issue.
it was fixed in
You can download it via the Firmware selector page here:

The R8000 page has been updated

A post was split to a new topic: VLANs on R8000 still says "please use OpenWrt 22.03 until further notice". That should be removed, if this issue really is resolved? (I can't test/verify)

Yes, that was an oversight on my part. I can confirm that 23.05.2 works as expected.

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