Fix forum to install pwa

chrome 70 introduced support for pwa in windows 10 but if i try to install it manually it get this error

Site cannot be installed: a 144px square PNG icon is required, but no supplied icon meets this requirement This show a fix for this problem.

What is PWA? How does it relate to the forum? What do you want us to do?

I think it's related to this but @Ansuel is a bit short on details.

With pwa you can create a virtual app that show the content directly without opening the browser

This forum supports it as I have the app on my android phone but I can't do the same for desktop.
To fix this we just need a bigger logo image as now it's 115x115 and on desktop we need at least 144x144
We can also use a big 512x512 image and it will be resized automatically

News on this?

I looked and we already have a 144x144px image in the settings: - so no idea what the problem is.

Edit: I also just tried More tools -> Add to desktop in Chrome 63 and it created a PWA launcher without complaints.