First even industrial grade SoM supporting OpenWrt out-of-box

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We are glad to announce first industrial grade System-On-Module supporting OpenWrt out-of-box with reach set of interfaces available:

Based on NXP's IMX6ULL so OpenWrt port for that family of microprocessors added.
Open hardware development board gives way to bring OpenWrt driven custom hardware product to the market in few months or even weeks.

Contains onboard:

Provides reach set of interfaces:

  • 2 x Ethernet;
  • 1 x Wi-Fi;
  • 2 x CAN;
  • 2 x USB;
  • 1 x Parallel video interface;
  • 1 x SAI;
  • 2 x SPI;
  • 1 x SDHC;
  • 2 x I²C;
  • 2 x UART;
  • 20+ GPIO;

Out-of-box project samples:

  • Video streaming using RTSP/MPEGTS protocols;
  • Audio streaming using SIP protocol;
  • Alexa voice service sample;
  • Lorawan gateway base station;



Latest updates:

Latest updates:

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congratulations... your website is the first to trip some (loose) flags on my router likely due to excessive or unusual tracking code...

glad to hear that)