Firmware Wizard


I've se up a firmware wizard to let people select images much more easier.
It load image file lists from and displays it in a nice manner:

Test setup:

Have fun! Feedback is welcome.


for names with release like:


Parser take r3566 as router model, not v1/v2/v3/v4. See my repo:

@cezary should be fixed now.

I also removed the warning field in order to keep everything simpler. The warning might also be somewhat over the top.

Looks good, thanks.

v2 and v2.1 is parsed as the same, v2.

thanks, fixed again.

Now this first problem appear. For 710: v1, v2, v2.1, r3655, for 1043: v1, v2, v3, r3566Zrzut ekranu z 2017-11-26 07-40-49

The problem was that the dot in the regular expression was not escaped. I hope that it works now.

Yes, it is ok.

Could you sort buttons alphabetically? When I click on "first installation" or "upgrade", buttons are displayed in different order.

I've added a sort to the buttons.

Great job! Is it something that can be ported to LEDE wiki and hosted there instead?

@stangri That would be easy to do. Do you have access there?

@mwarning I believe everyone who registers at the wiki has access -- that's the whole point of the wiki. If you need extra permissions -- reach out to people who are listed as wiki admins here:

ah, you meant to put the content into the wiki. I do not think we can put javascript in there. For security reasons.

We already use javascript:

But thats content generated via plugins.

Not sure how to include own html with js in the wiki, but should be possible.

Will BT Home Hub 5A chipset be added to this ?

@Ukruler54321: as soon somebody adds the model. It is probably a matter of time. It's just that there are some many models at all.

1.1 Hardware History
British Telecom (BT) in the UK introduced the Home Hub 5 to their fibre broadband customers from
2013. This is an AC1200 wireless router with built-in modem for ADSL (annex A) and VDSL support, 4
gigabit LAN ports, a WAN port, and one USB2 socket. The stock firmware is locked to BT broadband but will
also work on Plusnet.
The wireless supports up to 300mbps (2x2 streams) on 2.4 GHz band, and either upto 450mbps (3x3
streams) wireless N mode, and/or upto 866mbps (2x2 streams) wireless AC on 5 GHz band. (300mbps +
866mbps = 1166mbps -> AC1200 spec)
The 'Type A' model, which will be referred to as HH5A in this guide, is manufactured by Sagemcom and uses
a Lantiq processor with Atheros wireless chipset. There is also a 'Type B' model, manufactured by Huawei,
and is based on a Broadcom chipset.
There are two other variants of the HH5A supplied by BT subsidiaries. These are called the 'BT Business
Hub 5' and 'Plusnet Hub One'. The only difference between all variants lie with the factory installed stock
firmware. The internal hardware for all three variants is identical.
BT stopped supplying the Home Hub 5 in late 2016, and the Business Hub 5 by mid 2017. The Plusnet Hub
One continues to be supplied to fibre broadband customers, and will probably be superseded by a rebadged
BT Smart Hub, some time in 2018.

I meant all models (not just BT Home Hub 5A) :slight_smile: