Firmware ( with MTK driver ) for MT76xx WIFI AX

I have found a firmware for ZBT-Link Z100 AX with MTK drivers

MediaTek MT7621 RFB (802.11ax,SNOR)
Firmware Version LEDE Reboot 17.01-SNAPSHOT unknown 21.0710_025914 / LuCI (unknown)
Kernel Version 4.4.198

It works with Tenbay T-MB5EU V01 with just a small problem of led diodes that no longer work

If anyone is interested i put it here for add in Nossiac [mtk-openwrt-feeds]

You can extract & find some interesting files ( lua , ko drivers ... )

This is a super old firmware based on super old kernel. Current OpenWRT uses Linux kernel 5.10 for ramips target (which includes most mt76 devices) and is close to transitioning to 5.15. Use this firmware at your own risk, as there probably have not been any security updates in a while.

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Yes, I know it's super old

but works super great

Surely there must be a good reason why ZBTLINK still uses those super old things