Firmware TP-Link Archer A7 v5(RU)

Hi!How to install the firmware OpenWrt on TP-Link Archer A7 v5(RU)?

A gamble, since RU isn't listed.

Is it planned to support the version (RU)

There is nothing planned, unless you find a pull request or a pending patch for your device.

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Or submit one yourself.

Assuming the hardware and flash partitioning is the same as other countries, it would just be a matter of having the country code in the header of the "factory" OpenWrt firmware. That could be bypassed by having serial control of the bootloader and flashing directly.

How to do it?


opening it up, and taking sharp photos of the PCB is a good idea.

Then, if the chipset is same or similar to the other versions, try to install any of the available firmwares for the same device, from another region. Once (if it comes) up, record what works, and what doesn't, and take it from there.

But it's nothing that'll be done in a week or two, I would expect months, depending on what works based on the existing images.

A serial connection would be recommended, as a remedy if your unit would get stuck in a boot loop, etc.

There's also the risk of bricking your device.

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I recently bought TP-Link Archer A7 v5 and trying to install OpenWRT in it. But unable to do. I am new to this process of installing the firmware but I tried different solutions in the web. I have followed the instructions given in the official web page of Openwrt Archer A7 V5. But still no luck. I have tried multiple scenario's like webUI to install the factory.bin, but the router firmware doesn't accept the file which I am trying to upgrade. It is giving me Invalid file type error. So I thought of doing it in TFTP method when I do this process in the TFTP server it shows that the package has been went successfully as 100% even the logs shows that but when I try to access the url not reachable. I am able to revert the original firmware downloaded from TP link web site through TFTP method. can anyone please help me with the steps to install the openwrt in my tp-link Archer A7 v5 router. the firmware i have been trying to install from Openwrt is openwrt-19.07.7-ath79-generic-tplink_archer-a7-v5-squashfs-factory.bin.

any help would be appreciated.


Do you too, have the RU model ?

For version (RU).
Install DD -WRT. After installation, do so -Issues upgrading from DD-WRT to OpenWRT - Archer C7 v4 - #3 by zen1932.
Please note that the possibility of a rollback to the stock may not be possible. To do this, try installing dd-wrt on the old stock firmware.

Don't know what is RU model. where can I find it in my router. I bought this router a week ago based on that you can assume what the RU model might be

RU = Russia

If you are not living in russian countries, it is unlikely that you have the RU model. If you do not have the RU model, then this topic is not for you.

Find your router's country code on the label on the bottom, next to the model number.

my router model is Tplink Archer A7(EU). it is manufactured in Nov 2020. Please let me know if there is any possibility of configuring the OpenWrt firmware in my router. I want to use the WireGuard Protocol.

then create a new thread, like tmomas asked you to.

put the version in the post too.