Firmware support Tp-link EAP110-Outdoor


I've actually learned a lot over the last few days.

It turns out that the 256k blob that we wrote to our devices includes not only u-boot but also some device-specific data, including the MAC address (we knew that already), a partition table, some model information/IDs, and some data relating to image signature verification.

I was able to obtain a backup of @gutmaj's EAP115 v4, and I had a serial console log which included the model information for my EAP110 v4, but I have no way to recover the signature verification stuff. I was able to piece together what I have, and hacked it to disable signature verification, and was then able to boot the stock TP-Link firmware.

@gutmaj is close to having builds that work on EAP110 as well as EAP115 variants (with the original u-boot), but we're currently at a hurdle regarding ethernet initialisation.

It is actually possible (again credit to @gutmaj) to backup these devices with only ssh access as the admin user - see here

If anyone still has unadulterated (running TP-Link firmware) EAP110-Outdoor v1 or EAP110 v4 and would be willing to do the backup and make the files available (no serial console needed!), it'd be very useful....