Firmware support Tp-link EAP110-Outdoor

thanks for pointing this out, i'll see if it will work sometime soon.
I've stopped testing for a while due to health reasons and work eating up my time.

actually I also based much of the changes I do on the higher models (EAP2x5) since it looks more similar to them than the older CPEs but as blinkstar88 mentioned above, it seems that the EAP110-Outdoor-v3 uses the same hardware as CPE210v3, might as well try that out.

Hello bjdag1234,

I newbee porting OpenWrt, but How can I help to obtain a working OpenWrt on EAP110 Outdoor?

Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot.

Is it possible to enable channels 12 and 13 with maximum transmit power (usually only enabled in US version) via access to serial console for EAP 110 outdoor v3? There are countries like Slovenia where it is allowed to use channels 1-13 with up to 1000 mW / 30 dBm transmit power.

Did anyone try if there is a hidden recovery mode like with CPE210 or WR802nd? In this mode firmware image is downloaded from an TFTP-Server, so OpenWRT Firmware could be placed there and no need anymore to open device and solder.

I've tried. No arp requests when pressing reset button, powering on device and holding it at least for 10 seconds. WR802nd shows ARP requests for resolving So sadly no option to flash via TFTP.

Greetings to all, I tried with this method but after installing Openwrt or Gargoyle the output power of the device does not exceed 8dbm, what am I doing wrong? can this be repaired ??


Do you have right eeprom for your board? Or you dumped fullflash from another device on it? What exactly method you used to put Openwrt on this particular device?

Copie un fullflash CPE210v3, saludos

Do you have backup from original flash? You have to take at least orginal eeprom from this board - last 64kB block and write down it in your CPE210v3 dump. Suppose it will help to achive full radio power.

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deja ver si entendi , Yo copie o " clone " un CPE210 v3 pero este ya tenia "Openwrt " como sistema ...
afecta en algo ?
entonces yo deveria , copiar el sistema tplink original del eap110 y el ultimo bloque de 64kb q hago?

No se puede " pre-compilar" un fw con esto ya previamente echo ??

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entendido :slight_smile:

@JB-Grenouille Do you have original factory fullflash from your eap110-Outdoor?

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I don't have it right now ;(

If you loose original radio cal data from your board the only way is to look for one from exactly the same board with same hw revision and take this cal data from it and hope they are the same.

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By definition they won't be the same, the calibration data is there to offset hardware variances between individual models. It's calibrated for this very devices during production, taking calibration from another device will break that. Doing so will get the device initializing again, but how far it will be out-of-spec will be random at best.

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In real life it is not so strict and at most many manufactures use bit2bit same EPROM cal data on batches of hardware with same hw revisions. But hw revision of the @JB-Grenouille 's EAP110-Outdoor it not known. Is it a top secret?

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There have been collections/ comparisons of ART data by the freifunk project, of over ~1000 tl-wr841nd routers (which are often bought in larger batches by them) were a dozen devices with identical ART (after removing the individual wifi MAC addresses).

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Anyone site where I can download a pre-compiled firmware to adjust or restore the wifi functionality on the eap110 v1 / CPE210 v3 ??

thanks advance :slight_smile: