Firmware sizes based on a router (i got the info on OpenWrt layer sizes WRT1900ACS)


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Do you guys based on this:

Which is the that shows actually the max firmware size?


PS: There are multiple layers, which is it? Is it like for like Linksys 1900ACS Layer 1 firmware is 80mb, mtd4 and mtd6 is 40mb, then mtd5 and mtd7 is 34 mb.

Which is the max firmware I can build?


Like look:


It looks like over 40 MB. So the max size is 80 MB, or what?

Based on OpenWrt info:


For Linksys 3200ACM it is definately allow min. 74 MB, so that's enough for sure.

But for Linksys 1900ACS is it 40 MB or 34 MB?
Does the firmware includes the primary kernel images? Show it is 40 MB? Or the primary kernal image is different and is not in the firmware?

Sounds like 40 including the kernel (that is inside the image).

Most likely that Linksys OEM image is 40.4 million bytes, slightly less than 40 * 2^10 bytes. (many download sizes are shown as millions of bytes, instead of "power of two" based calculations that the actual memory chips have. wiki table is based on the chip, so 40 there mean 40 * 2^10 )

I edited the router name into the title, as you for some strange reason omitted the key fact that the answers should be based on...

ok awesome, so my linksys 1900acs wrt is firmware max size about 40.1 MB based on this

Awesome, thanks so much @hnyman! Have a good day!