Firmware needed for NETGEAR WNR614

hello, i'm using Netgear WNR614 router model is not listed on openwrt firmware table.can someone please make firmware for this model?i'm desperately in need of this.

As you mentioned yourself, the device is not supported - and chances that this would change for a six year old 4/32 device in the future are somewhere between slim and non-existent. At this point you're probably the only one who both has access to the device in question (which is a mandatory precondition for any kind of porting OpenWrt to a new device) and some motivation to run OpenWrt on it. This leaves you in the unique position to port OpenWrt to it yourself (as a mt7620 device, this should be reasonably possible), chances that someone else would go out, buy this old under-spec'ed device and spend somewhere between a long weekend and several weeks to get OpenWrt running on it for you are low (and that's an euphemism at best).

If I understand correctly JNR1010v2, WNR614v1, WNR618v1, WNR2020v1, JWNR2000v5, JWNR2010v5 routers use the same firmware.
Good news: some days ago support for JWNR2010v5 was added.
Bad news: because of 4/32 Warnig (as @slh said) official binary firmware image will never be released. You have to build it yourself.
Or ask author of port in topic

How can i build firmware myself for Netgear WNR614?is there any guide or tutorial?


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Building a firmware on my own seems quite complicated and difficult task for me.can you please make one for me?