Firmware LEDE Install URL for TP-LINK Archer MR200

So, I'm new to LEDE.

So,*~%5D=MR200 says that that LEDE v17.01.0 is supported on my ARcher MR200. However, there's no Firmware LEDE Install URL on that page. Where can I find the install package? I'm running the stock firmware right now.


There is a link to the .BIN file right on that page, under the "Firmware LEDE Upgrade URL" column in the table with all the info:

I don't own this device, but you suggest that the OP could flash with the sysupgrade.bin file??

How does that work, cause I have a similar problem with another router: only a sysupgrade.bin file availlable and no factory to lede or factory to openwrt (CC v15).


I wasn't asking about that sysupgrade file.

The docs ( clearly state:

Note: The Device Techdata page will have two links: Firmware LEDE Install URL and Firmware LEDE Upgrade URL. The first is for a “factory installation”, the second for a “sysupgrade installation”.

Use this procedure if you want to install LEDE on a router running the “factory firmware” that it shipped with:

and concerning the Sysupgrade:

Use this procedure if you want to install LEDE on a router that is already running LEDE or OpenWrt:

I'm not running LEDE right now, hence, according to the docs, I need that factory firmware package, not a Sysupgrade package. Since I don't want to brick my router I'd rather know if I can use the sysupgrade package before trying ...

Have a look at the OpenWRT page explaining how to install a SYSUPGRADE file into this device: