Firmware for hardware network radio SIRD 14c1 & 14c2

I have 4 pieces of this device

I need open this for editing settings of [internet radio] app.
This app not allow settings of buffer on network and absolutely not use buffer for lags of network.
Wifi or wired connection is the same.
This devices don´t have absolutely any support from developer and any helpful manual,
2nd menu/service menu...

Inside is:
module Venice 6.5
RTOS called [MEOS]

I am not very experienced of programing or something cracking, just only poweruser.

  1. sird 14 c2 FS2026-0500-0388_V2.12.12c.ex68259-1R C4
  2. sird 14 c1 FS2026-0500-0265_V2.9.10C EXG 2313 1R C4

Thanks for all.

Are you asking for a port of OpenWrt to a radio?

hledam někoho kdo umí MEOS, venice chipset atd...
very similar device with this :

Huaracheguarache user is on wrt forum too.