Firmware compatibility with TP-Link Archer A6 v3 *CA version*

Could you please add compatibility with the Canadian (CA) version TP-Link Archer A6 v3?

Currently limited to "v3 (US) (BR) (EU)"


If you're in possession of the CA version, you'd be the best person to assist.

Would be happy to assist. Where do I start?

  • You might want to move the thread to the "For Developers" section
  • This will require advanced skill, it's not a step-by-step thing, as you're "hacking" the device to get the information and parameters to make a compatible firmware
  • You will need to be willing to open the device and find serial pins

(There are many threads on what to do, how to determine what CPU/WiFi chips are inside, boot parameters, etc. - the developers section will be a good start. Searching on the differences between the already supported versions more specifically for your case is probably a good idea. :wink: )

I had looked into this when I first got the router. The CA version requires the inclusion of special_id:43410000. See thread below.

Isn't there a way to have this included in future builds?
I was able to piece together my own firmware back in the day, but I don't know if I would be able to replicate it. My knowledge of these matters is rather rudimentary.

I would ask in the "For Developers" section. It may be as simple as making a GitHub request.

It seems you have [some of] the needed information.

as far as I can see, this id has been added already:;a=blob;f=src/tplink-safeloader.c;h=ddb5dffcd9ed9930bb72b83dca16266fba95c6cb;hb=HEAD#l1230

This was done back in 2021, but the wiki was never updated;a=commit;h=eea90f6dff75648ec91ef1af395f2fe974e8fdfe

You should be able to flash OpenWRT 2022.03.03 just fine :slight_smile:

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Thanks a million! It works just fine.

Now you seem to be in the you have an answer for this mystery:

You should ask there.