Firewall traffic log "live view" for rule debugging

Are there any packages that may add visibility into firewall rule events (deny, allow) similar to the below?

Do and offer any starting points?

Yes but it isn't necessarily what my question was because I was looking for a visual (luci based) view of the fw log.

Looks like there isn't a simple way, unless I want to deploy ELK stack and ship logs to somewhere.

Logs take up space. A lot of space. It would be challenging to say the least to store and process the logs directly on the device itself. Of course, that depends on the hardware you're running OpenWRT on. But an external log receiver and processor is probably going to be the way to go.

If you don't want log retention, and only want immediate real-time visibility, with logs older than a couple of seconds discarded, then it may be possible to achieve what you want directly on the device itself without needing an external log processor.