Firewall settings with several routers

I am planning to add a second ISP. Today i am using a 4g connection with a 4g router outside connected to a gargoyle router inside for bandwidth control.

Now as i am planning second isp i have installed openwrt on a second router and configured with 2 wan ports (multiwan failover) and 2 separate LAN. I still want to use the gargoyle on LAN1.

My question is, how should this setup be configured with ip`s, gateways and firewalls.
I do need to be able to reach the isp routers from LAN 1 network with port 80 and 22.

I have not connected the router with multiwan yet. The LAN address on 4G is, and the LAN ip on second isp is

What should the IP addresses on LAN 1 and 2 on the multiwan router be, and how to open ports from LAN1 to WAN back to the ISP routers? I realy not need any firewall on the multiwan box, its just there for multiwan purpose.

The keyword to search for information would be mwan3.

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Yes i do have mwan3 installed on multiwan router.
I just want to know how settings should be, so i from LAN1 can access settings on both providers modems. I have not tried to connect the openwrt with mwan3 between the modems and network yet. I thougt i might get some answers from experts before i mess up firewall settings when i possible cant get access to webif +ssh without routing any ports?

There is no special setting in firewall. However adding the second interface is described in the wiki.
As long as there is a correct route towards the subnet of the modem from one wan interface, there is nothing else needed.

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Yes, i tested now, and everythig works as intended.
I installed a usb storage, for saving nlbwmon, do anyone know if there somehow is possible to run one nlbwmon for each wan connection? i would like to know what bandwidth i use from each isp.

It would be better to open a new topic for that.

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