Firewall remnants, custom tab

I found these old items in my firewall configuration:


Then I figured they used to be my old custom configuration rules. The tab isn't there anymore. Can I still use it or is it depricated? and if so where do I put custom rules for pre-routing?

DNS and NTP need to be intercepted to use local services. No need to ask the internet more than once a day :wink:

See the latest updates in the wiki.


The new "fw4" firewall in master and 22.03 uses nftables, while 21.02 and earlier had "fw3" that used iptables commands.

You should follow the advice in that wiki article and convert the commands in that include to nfttables ones, or maybe even try to work them into the normal firewall uci config.

Ahh, that explains a lot then :blush:

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