Firewall: how to force drop of existing connections


I'm using time-based rules like this:

config rule
option weekdays 'Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu'
option src 'lan'
option name 'Desktop offtime: week night'
list src_ip ''
option dest 'wan'
option target 'REJECT'
option start_time '22:15:00'
option stop_time '07:00:00'

and they seem to be basically working, but I've noticed that although new connections are blocked it seems that existing connections stay up. That's an issue as it doesn't kick my son off of Minecraft!

I found a setting (nf_conntrack_skip_filter) which I think might be related, but it seems to be deprecated or not recommended according to this page:

Does anyone know if that information is current, or if there is a newer/preferred way of doing this?


Make sure to reorder firewall rules to properly apply time restrictions, otherwise the default rule order prevents closing already established connections.

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Ah...that helps a lot, many thanks!

Hi @trendy - I hope you don't mind a follow-up question.

Should I run that script just once, or once after every /etc/config/firewall edit, or regularly as a cron job?


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That's correct.

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