Firewall Block MAC Address Not working

Hello guys. How are you ?

Well I did some research in forum and didn't find anything like my problem.

I have a TPLINK WR840N and I've installed OpeWRT recommended.

I have been using this router as a AP. I am using it connected to my router/internet through WIFI and opewrt seems to automatically bridge it with my lan interface. I have been able to block communication with my "original" subnet (from my router/internet), but I just can't block the computer (MAC ADDRESS) to access the LUCI or SSH. I already configured on Firewall rules:


When I am connected in this MAC address I can access http: I don't know whatelse I could do to block it. Can anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance.

If you don't want your computer to access SSH and LUCI, you also need to add rules to the INPUT chain


Communications between bridged interfaces do not pass through the firewall. You need to use "ebtables" for that, or configure the firewall on the main router.

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There's a kernel module kmod-br-netfilter which solves the issue unless related hosts belong to the same wired VLAN, however accessing the router indeed requires changing the rule destination zone to local as @luochongjun stated.

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