Find a command after reboot


is it possible to know (see) if our command in startup script worked? I would like to see it


Write something to a file in /tmp in your script?


something in rc.local

What is it?

(Are you going to inform us so we could better assist?)

Use "logger" to leave a message.

# cat /etc/rc.local 

/usr/bin/logger "rc.local:  START"

# something, something

/usr/bin/logger "rc.local:  STOP"

# Put your custom commands here that should be executed once
# the system init finished. By default this file does nothing.

opkg install root luci-app-tgwireguard_1.0.2-1_all.ipk

exit 0

I just posted

I think you should give some background information...

Why do you have to keep reinstalling this IPK on each boot?

(This would destroy the flash over time.)

I make my own build, so once a week I make a new build and I have a custom ipk and I dont know why, everytimes I update my build, the tab in LuCi (myipk) disappears, so I have to install it again and again..

If you are saying you install a new firmware every week, then simply add it to the pre-installed packages.

I was gonna ask you about that IPK name.

I would like it, but I just have the ipk without the source.
I can upload it fromy files but there is no htdocs in it etc to compile it

How are you getting the *.ipk into your weekly build.

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Context in

  • This woulda been a good time to note you already made a thread
  • And you enjoy challenges by making new firmware every week

Let us know if the suggestions above about logging work. Cool setup!

"Because you download it from your VPN provider weekly."

I can't so I need to upload it after new build

You were told how:

It seems you also are double and triple posting. If you need help how - you should ask in that thread instead of this multi-thread thing.

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opkg -d root install luci-app-tgwireguard_1.0.2-1_all.ipk

This is one of those cases where the right answer to "how?" is "why?"...

(From a PM, it seems that the OP may be confusing the terms "build" and "firmware". The thread in the Developers section began to describe how to include the IPK in the Image Builder - then proceeds to mentioned using rc.local in the installed firmware to continually re-install the package. I don't think the OP understands yet nor has conceived using the image builder - and hence confusion regarding the "adding of a custom IPK to the 'build'". Additionally, it doesn't help either that the OP seems to have abandoned the other thread because they "can't" seem to understand/succeed in making a custom Image with the Package included.)