Fiber modem unlock

Hello experts how to unlock these types of modem to use in any fiber service like bsnl netplus etc

I have many modems from different companies like zte,NokiaEtc i want to unloack all for other fiber services specifically for BSNL (IndiA)

Can any body help

Start by figuring out what chipset they use.


They are using different chipsets not only a particular chipset so i dont think this is th way how to unlock

Then you need to ask the manufacturers or ISPs how to unlock them.


if isp can help than why im here brother on wrt

This is chipset if anyone can help

It's a Dragon Path 707GR1 with a Realtek chipset. There's no OpenWRT support for it.

In terms of "unlocking", this forum thread may be helpful.


Can you share status page details of this router. live firmware version.