Feedbacks on Gnubee Personal Cloud device performances

Hey here,

I'm a moderately happy owner of GnuBee PC1. Moderately happy because of the overall performance of this device. I run some tests, but I would be curious if you have the same performances on your device. If not, I would be curious how performance could be increased, especially on the disk IO performances. I updated the wiki page with all the result and the test protocols.

Do you have better setup ? My whole point would be to have data redundancy (mdadm or RAID1) on my disks, but I'm almost close to give up.


mt7621a is not a fast SOC, while it has very well optimized networking drivers, it isn't fast enough for satisfactory NAS usage (even less with multiple disks, SATA multiplexers and all those shenanigans) - and the overclocking attempts by its manufacturer weren't very fruitful either.