Feed Priority/Conflicts

IF i have a custom feed, and it defines a package in a standard feed, and i don't remove the package from the standard feed, which one gets installed, or does it error?

IF its not an error, does which package gets used depend on the order the feeds are defined in?

IF i have a package (say dnsmasq) in a custom feed, and dnsmasq also appears at /package/network/services/dnsmasq does the package in the feed get installed in preference to the standard package, or vice versa, or is this an error?

The end result is undefined. There is no priority system or formal override logic.
You shouldn't have that kind of "override feed"...

The basic alternatives are:

  • Patch each package in its own feed. Replace the normal packages with your versions.
  • Define new package with slightly different name (e.g. "priv-packageX") and if some other packages depend on this, you can add a PROVIDES statement in the new Makefile where you say that this new priv-package provides package, so that the old one does not get automatically pulled in due to dependencies.

The easier option is likely patching the packages directly in respective feeds.

There was years ago an override system but it proved to be problematic and was scrapped.


Thanks for the great answer. I think for my case a customized package name and PROVIDES will do exactly what i need.

Its easy to deselect a package from config and select another with a customised name, and then no changes other than that and my custom feed should be needed to base openwrt.

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