Feature Request: taskserver pkg

It would be awesome to have taskserver available in the package repository.

You're only the second person in as many years to ask for it. The source for OpenWrt package is here: https://github.com/stangri/source.openwrt.melmac.net/tree/master/taskserver but as I can't support it, I'm reluctant to create a PR/merge the code into packages repo.

Okay, thanks. Maybe that helps. I tried to figure out how to build .ipk on my own, yesterday, but couldn't in the time I had. I guess I can "add that to my packages stream" in my OpenWRT SDK thing?

What I really want is freecinc. You may get more interest, now, since the only free+libre taskwarrior sync service is dead. I just noticed it stopped working, so...

From what I see it's all docker images, so they should run on any OpenWrt capable of running docker.

I don't understand any of that. What is "all docker images"? And what OpenWRT is capable of running docker? I wouldn't even consider doing that. Is that a thing people do?

...huh, I found the docker images I think you are talking about. But, no, freecinc is not "all" docker; they're not even mentioned on the github repo for the code. But, the owner has other repos for some docker versions of it. I guess I could try that. That's a good suggestion...except I've been avoiding learning docker.

Thanks for your help stangri. This has been fun to learn.

When I searched for openwrt & docker, I got this page: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/virtualization/docker_host
but that directs me to ucx. Those instructions don't seem to produce a working docker build space. Is that page outdated? Do I need dockerd? Should I be building containers on another system and copying them over?