Fastest supported router

Just quickly off top-of-head does anyone know the fastest router supported by OpenWRT? No x86 servers so that rules out OpenWRT x86. Trying to keep on premise devices as simple as possible.

Ummmm...what about x86_64 embedded devices?

I was thinking more in the line of an off-the-shelf router. Something familiar to anyone in the office who could identify it as a something that they would find in their own home and be comfortable switching it off and on to reboot it.

Belkin RT3200/Linksys E8450

probably not the fastest, but should be good enough, and cheap:ish, at least in US - $75-$100.


Probably the WRT3200ACM / WRT32X (same hardware). It does 500-600 Mb/s SQM, 120 MB/s nas with usb3 samba, adblock, etc. all perfectly stable. Mine has over 100 day uptime with all that from master branch. I've been running a WRT32X for years, got it $120 on amazon renewed.

The downside to mvebu is WiFi 5 performance is subpar compared the R7800. To me this is a moot point since WiFi 6 has become standard which has lower latency, faster speeds, and reduced client power consumption. So you can solve this by adding 1-2 access points depending on the size of your house. I use the $99 Ubiquiti U6-Lite as mesh.

There is still no 'high end' wifi 6 router supported by OpenWrt due to driver issues, probably not for a year or more still (maybe with OpenWrt 23.x via ath11k).

If you want just a very solid single device with strong wifi 6, then just get the RT3200 / E8450. This is not 'officially' supported yet. It will need a Master snapshot build installed and then add a bunch of packages that are needed like luci, irqbalance, etc.

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I am looking at mainly routing so just looking at CPU performance, memory, and stability. WiFi would be secondary. I am wondering if I could move the office infrastructure into the cloud i.e. active directory, file servers, email server etc... and on premise just the desktop PCs and notebooks for a 20 person office.