Fallback wan with SMS trigger

I have a fast (and cheap) wired connection for my home, connected to my raspberry pi 4 using openwrt. But.. sometime it fails for a whole day before they fix the problem.
So, I was thinking of adding another service provider, with a 4G dongle and configuring openwrt to use it as an alternative when the main wan fails.
However, to keep costs down, I didn't want to pay 2 accounts.
I have a provider that, when sending an sms, activates a 2GB internet plan on the sim card, so I wanted to do that. When I notice the main interface is down and I really need it (so, not automatic, just on-demand), I wanted to be able to make openwrt send an sms through that 4G dongle and use it as wan instead of the normal interface.
Also, since many times I'm remote and need to access things, I wanted to be able to react to a received sms from my number to that 4G dongle and when that happens, send the sms to activate the mobile internet plan and switch the wan.
Is this possible? can someone point me in the direction of some package(s) that can do this, or give me an interface to script this?

mwan3 for the failover and mmcli for sending sms.

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Thanks, I read the description of the packages and it's exactly what I needed!

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