Extroot ZBT WG-3526 on micro SD card - data corruption after some time

I have got a problem with f2fs and ext4 extroot file system on SD card when the system is rebooting, or it is working many hours there is a problem with the corruption of data.
I'm using an inbuilt sd card reader and 128 GB card.
I checked the SD card in the USB card reader, all sectors are good, no bad blocks.
I'm using reboot.sh: sync; reboot; and poweroff.sh: sync; poweroff;.
The flags of overlay mount point options is "rw,sync,noatime,nodiratime".


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If possible, try testing another SD card to isolate the problem.
Preferably use a smaller one from a different manufacturer.

It could be a capacity problem?
It can be a linking issue, maybe try to clean the connector of the SD card with alcohol?
I tried with 16GB old SDHC card.
Is the problem can persist because I'm using SDXC?

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To be honest, I have no idea. :sweat:
That's why we need to isolate the issue by trial and error.
If the issue persists with different cards, its cause might be the card reader.

I have contacted with ZBT and cards to 128GB are supported.
I must bought another SD card because on GoodRAM, my local brand I encountered a read error.
Because the card is new I can return it.
Which model or bran with 128GB capacity size are recommended?

On old 16GB card extroot working fine after two weeks.


I'm now using ADATA 128 GB A2 V30 card for a few days without any problems.

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