Extroot corruption

WNDR3800. Suffered a power loss, when the power came back the LED was blinking orange slowly. After a few minutes I powered off the device, removed the USB and the device got past the blinking orange Power LED and eventually turned green. Mounted the USB just fine, files are there, plugged it back in rebooted and... Power LED just blinks orange slowly.

Not sure how to fix it or determine what the problem is. Or remedy the situation for the future. I will probably copy off the config files and make a new extroot unless anyone has any suggestions?

OpenWrt 21.02.1

did you run fsck on the drive ?

I assumed perhaps incorrectly I wouldn't be able to mount the drive but I went ahead and ran fsck and it reports clean. There is some "stage" it appears it's not getting past.

  1. solid orange power led
  2. fast blinking orange power led
  3. slow blinking orange power led with 2 other solid orange led's
  4. slow orange power led with multiple(lan ports) blinking orange led's
  5. solid green power led with 2 blinking orange led's.

It's stuck in "stage" 3.

the only way to properly analyze the corruption (or whatever it is) is probably by attaching a serial cable, since it gets stuck before you can get any kind of remote access to the device.

Thought system.log might reveal something but whatevers going on happens before the logging daemon. Thanks.

if it's written to the flash, it's not saved across (re)boots on a regular router.

I didn't think about the flash system.log. The system.log.old has stuff from June 6th for some reason and your right only the latest reboot. Strange that there's 2 log files one being called old though.