Extroot configuration aftermath

Hi All,

Just completed steps for extroot here:


Everything seems to be working fine. However, I am curious what to do with my ubi0 devices now that I no longer need the /rwm mount? (or at least i dont think i do)

Is there something i can use that for to optimize performance?



I keep a basic setup.on the embedded memory, and an advanced setup on the USB memory. In case of emergency, I can boot with the USB drive unplugged, and have a functional router.


Ah, OK i think I misunderstood the purpose of rwm...it is your "base" install as I read it now. Thanks for the clarification.

So ideally, I would want to install a new image (not upgrade) and configure basic router and then proceed with extroot and additional, non-critical application installs?

Well, your needs could.be different to mine, but that is exactly what I do.

Don't forget that the router's built-in flash resource is limited by the number of write cycles.
Thus preserving it with minimum possible modifications is also a good idea.


Onboard flash has very poor performance (it is used because it is cheap) and limited write endurance (most devices don't read/write much in there for their whole service life).

Whatever you connect over USB or SD card or Sata will be much faster and have better write endurance.


And it can be easily replaced, in case of failure.

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