Extremely slow download speed

Extremely slow download speed
I've only been using this great firmware for a while.
I don't know why, but on my DIR-842 C3 router the download speed is extremely but really extremely slow 2.8Mb / s. (tested at night with very low ISP network utilization, with one device connected in the home network)
The speed of the ISP is about 18Mb / s. When I test in front of the router I reach similar values (approx. 17Mb / s).
This was not happening 2 days ago and the router was working well. I know something similar has happened to me in the past and I solved it by restoring the device to factory settings.
Every time I do this, the whole OpenWrt system is deleted and I have to install it with Luci completely from again. In addition, restarting to the basic settings will probably only help for a short time.

Router settings are very basic. If you want to know the details of the settings, write what and where to find out.

Please advise me what's going on.

It's really interesting, the evening when no one was connected the speed was very bad. I measured it again this morning and the speed is normal.
So now I don't know if the error was in the router or at the ISP.

@Vejv-cz, welcome to the community!

If you didn't change the router's settings overnight, I'd suspect the ISP.

I did not change any settings overnight. I guess it really will be an ISP. Thank you for answer.

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