Extreme Networks WS-AP3915i: Two suitable images?

I have a few Extreme Networks WS-AP3915i in my house. I just upgraded them from 23.05.0 to 23.05.2 and lost all settings (on all of them - I'm currently figuring out why).

Anyway, I noticed there are two suitable builds in snapshot: There is the dedicated WS-AP3915i image and the WS-AP391x image available.

Which one is preferred? Shouldn't we remove the dedicated WS-AP3915i image and move to the WS-AP391x image?

ref: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/commit/74e7f8ebbdc19c58ac59c792154041a6b3c124f5

@robimarko What are your thoughts on this?
@trs80 Did you try sysupgrade before? Did you also lose all settings?

If AP391x image works on AP-3915i as well, then the dedicated image should be dropped and that old model name appended as a supported device to the universal image so people can sysupgrade.

As for the config loss, I dont really have any ideas as that shouldn't have happened

I worked on the universal AP391x image.

The settings for AP3915i specific image are incompatible with the universal AP391x image. You will need to reconfigure if switching between the 2. I believe you have to manually force the upgrade.

I wish I could put some info in the Wiki but it seems the only way to do it is to register for IRC and ask for wiki access there. I'm not a fan of IRC so I haven't bothered.

I'm looking at the git commit, what do you want me to add to the wiki for you?

Thanks, I have a spare 3915i, I will test the new image when I have the time to - this will take a week or two. I have Wiki access as well.

I managed to figure out IRC so I will update the wiki

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