Extract WMM infos for Netgear R7800 with QCA9984 wifi module

I'm using OpenWRT on Netgear R7800 with Qualcomm QCA9984 wifi module, I would like to extract WMM Infos especially:
*TXOP: Time interval during which a station can send as many frames as possible (global free air time on the BSS)
*TXretrans: Number of frame retransmissions on the BSS
*sync_rate: all physical rates used in Mbp
And I didn't found a way to extract those Infos,
can anyone help me in my issue?

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You can use wireshark to look for beacons. And in beacon advertised by your AP , you should get this information.
I'm looking for an option to change these params. Does anyone know how this could be done ?