External HD 1TB USB ext4

Hi I cant access USB Drive, don't really know how to setup permissions.
Can you help pls?

Lede win

Windows is not able to access drive
Lede access

Please screenshot from services/network shares

net shares

What happens if you copy from Windows into the shared folder?

via ssh do:
cd /
ls -la

Screenshot pls

Hmm I don't understand There was normally folders Video, Music, etc they where empty and because instead of normal folders I got "lost+found" folder I was under impression something is wrong but you resolved my problem there is no problem :slight_smile:
It looks like it works
Hmm lede console is still showing permission denied but windows is able to create folders/files


Well done ;- )

Lots of missing info

  • What is your Router
  • What firmware are you using
  • What packages have you installed
  • What reference articles did you use to configure this (see OpenWrt WIKI for USB Storage)
  • Post your relevant config files.
  • I know older windows systems did not natively know about ext-4, not sure about Win10

Model Linksys WRT1900ACS
Firmware Version Lede Reboot SNAPSHOT r5113-2af10c30fe / LuCI Master (git-17.291.51172-a98548e)
Kernel Version 4.9.57

It's davidc502 build with preinstalled support for USB

Its working now but thank you all for help

Is ext4 support is not there in LEDE?

I am unable to mount ext4 file system on my lede

Start with the storage devices section of the LEDE User Guide...


The output of /proc/filesystem is not showing ext4
I installed it using "opkg install kmod-fs-ext4"
Then also ext4 support is enabled on my build.

I need some assistance to fix this issue.

In configuration i enabled ext4 as kenel module but in log it is showing

[ 3.757185] kmodloader: - ext4 - 1

But not showing in filesystems

Have you formatted the partition on the hard drive using ext4?

mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1

To change a directory use cd command, and chmod to change a directory permissions.
The error is a permission to read and write in LEDE, to solve use a command

chmod -R 0777 /NAS

I prefered to create a users to use a samba share for security.

To hide a lost+found folder, try a "option hide files = /lost+found/" on share options in /etc/config/samba file.