Expressvpn lightway protocol is open source

Just for anyone who wants to know.

positives: it's developed on wolfssl, the default ssl lib of OpenWrt
negatives: its build system is a weird new thing called earthly that relies on containers and all sorts of stuff, OpenWrt does not handle that build system (yet)

Sounds like someone is fighting hard for HD DVD (lightway) when the Blu-Ray (wireguard) has already won.


At this point ExpressVPN would point out that WireGuard is not "not built for anonymity and privacy", which is true, but can also be mitigated. (There's a discussion to be had about the amount of being-screwed you are when you rely on the anonymity of the internal IP you receive at a VPN provider.)

It feels like ExpressVPN started working on a WireGuard alternative and decided to continue to throw money at it, even after that became unnecessary (if not for WireGuard, then at least after OpenVPN embraced Poly1305/ChaCha20) to at least get some sort of USP out of it.

But hey, the more the merrier, diversity is always great in open source.