Experiences with SonicPoint ACe with OpenWrt

Hello, does anyone have the AccessPoints SonicPoint ACe (Model APL26-0AE) running with Openwrt?

Hi, Do You still have this device? I prepared initial support for it. You cant try to boot image the image I prepared: http://tmn505.github.io/openwrt/openwrt-ath79-generic-dell_apl26-0ae-initramfs-kernel.bin.
These instructions won't flash it permanently, so after reboot the device will boot in safemode.

  1. Prepare TFTP server with OpenWrt initramfs-kernel image.
  2. Connect to one of LAN ports.
  3. Connect to serial port.
  4. Hold the reset button (small through hole on side of the unit),
    power on the device and when prompted to stop autoboot, hit any key.
    The held button can now be released.
  5. a) If Your setup has DHCP sever, rename file to 7E002A0A.img if
    connected to "lan1" port, or 7F002A0A.img if connected to "lan2",
    then run:
    b) If You're using static addresses, first adjust "ipaddr" and
    "serverip" addresses in U-Boot environment, then run following
    tftpboot $fileaddr <openwrt_initramfs-kernel_image_name>
  6. After succesful download, execute:
    bootm $fileaddr
  7. Wait about 1 minute for OpenWrt to boot.

Almost everything works. The remaining bits are: not working Tool, WiFi LEDs and failure to format overlay on flash from OpenWrt.

Pretty old - but any motion on this?