Experience with MPTCP-VPS or MultiWAN?

I'm interested for a scenario connecting a whole houseblock (~40 rooms) with the Internet. They only have DSL Lines with approx 50/10 MBit/s (VDSL Down/Up). I would like to bundle those separate lines into one connection.

For people who don't know the difference between MPTCP-VPS and MultiWAN:

MultiWAN: Loadbalancing TCP connections over several lines. Each stream is limited by the 50/10 MBit/s of your connection.

MPTCP-VPS: One TCP connection is split into peaces and transmitted via multiple DSL-Lines to a virtual private server (VPS) and combined there. However, you can say that your bandwidth of the tcp connection is approx the combination of your DSL-Connections.

Are the definitions fine?

Since a client is using several TCP connections for one connection to a website, MultiWAN is also fine? Or is everything crap and I should directly go to separate networks and one dsl line as gateway?

Any idea how much a VPS costs which can handle the MTCP-VPS solution?


Have you considered to ask from the local ISPs for a quote to bring some high speed line to your building, like a fiber with the speed you desire?

A fiber would be awesome! Since I live in Germany and the business case for the ISPs is always VDSL, I'm kind of pessimist. Even the hackerspaces here, only have VDSL... :confused: I would also personally dig up the street to get a fiber!

Any experience with it? (BTW: I will ask for a quote.)

Btw.: PDFSense has loadbalancing over several gateways included. :slight_smile:

Zeroshell is also load balancing over bonded tunnels with a VPS.
However you'll need to make sure the VPS doesn't have any cap on monthly traffic.

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