Exclude AppleTV from WireGuard default routing (vpn-policy-routing LuCI module)


I wish to route traffic from AppleTV directly to internet (no WG VPN).
I wish to watch Netflix and Disney+

I did the configuration in LuCI

The problem: no matter what I configure in vpn-policy-routing LuCI module, all traffic gets routed into VPN tunnel (WireGuard). I tried many different things (try and error).

Netflix login never works, because routed in WieGuard.

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WireGuard attaches to the Interface. You want something like OpenVPN, which is an application-level VPN. You can split-tunnel on OpenVPN, you cannot on WireGuard AFAIK

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From linked GitHub repo

This service supersedes the VPN Bypass service, by supporting IPv6 and by allowing you to set explicit rules not just for WAN interface (bypassing OpenVPN tunnel), but for L2TP, Openconnect, OpenVPN, PPTP and Wireguard tunnels as well.

I am not English speaker, but for me this sound like they support also WG?

THEY support it.. and you CAN use it, yes. However, WireGuard works by covering the entire WAN port. OpenVPN does it at the application layer (it intercepts data on the way TO the WAN port).. Because OpenVPN intercepts the data before it gets to the WAN port, it can decide what goes into the VPN tunnel and what doesn't have to.

WireGuard takes over the WAN port, so everything gets sent to the WAN goes into the tunnel - it has no choice..

If you need to exclude some things from the VPN, you cannot use WireGuard.. You have to use OpenVPN or something similar.

check it out. I had the same problem if I came to understand your case:

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thank you very much @Santa79
I solved my problem with the linked thread

I now watch Netflix and Disney+ :smiley:

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