Everytime I use LuCI I brick my router (Linksys wrt1200ac)

Hi there,
I'm a long time ddwrt user, and finally last september I switched to OpenWRT. Since then I really enjoyed this firmware and I learned a lot (surely ddwrt is OK, but with OpenWRT you get real control of your device!)

I'm here to talk about an issue I'm getting everytime I try to configure my router using LuCI. Everytime I try to change something in the interface->lan tab, I get my router bricked and I have to reset it. What is strange is that I can do the same thing using ssh and vi (for example switching the static ip of my router from to and it will be perfecly fine after that.

So, is this a common issue, or is my router that is "an unfortunate case" ?

Thank you very much :smile:

EDIT: oh, I forgot to say that I use LuCI without any problem for other tasks, like installing stuff and so on.

Well yeah,

If you change the IP it'll become unresponsive, since the IP's changed?

Or do you mean you apply the IP change, and it doesn't respond to the new IP?

Thanks for your reply!

Eh no I mean, it wil really brick it. I can't access the router anymore after multiple reboot etc. It is like it remains in an "inconsistent" state.

But as I said, I can configure it using ssh+vi, without any problem.

@Luca91, welcome to the community!

Did you obtain a new DHCP lease on the machine used to connect to the OpenWrt?

I think yes, since I've rebooted everything multiple times (PC, routers etc).

Anyway I'm not the only one having this issue, I've found various threads regarding this issue (but the users were using version 18). Everyone solved by manually editing that file using ssh+vi.