EU VPN Provider with Wireguard support?

I'm looking for a decent VPN provider with Wireguard support...
Any recommendations ? The only one i've found so far is AzireVPN, located in Sweden...

@Kherby Mullvad is nice and they've been expanding their wireguard services in the EU.


I'll check dat one out... Ty !

I'll second Mullvad recommendation, I've tested their Wireguard service before and it worked well.

Their prices also seems to be reasonable, i think i'll check them out for a month and if they fit my needs i'll buy a year...

azirevpn is also a viable alternative.
i really like their fully free wireguard service


And they also (just like a Mullvad afaik) support IPv6, great suggestion, thank you!

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AzireVPN is a great free service. However, it is very slow compared to Mullvad. It does not support DNS leak prevention, kill switch and double hops in order to reduce correlation attacks.
Another great service protonVPN (with DNS leak prevention, kill switch and double hops) does not support Wireguard, you can vote here.

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My next VPN provider will be AzireVPN or Mullvad. I'm really looking forward to use Wireguard instead of OpenVPN!