EU regulation of third party software on radio devices

We are facing a EU regulation which may make it impossible to install a custom piece of software on most radio decives like WiFi routers, smartphones and embedded devices. You can now give feedback on the most problematic part by Monday, 4 March. Please participate – it’s not hard!


Well, amazingly that isn't completely click bait

I would strongly recommend reading the draft roadmap before commenting, so you don't sound like an idiot.

Website discussing draft roadmap

Given all the complaints around how horribly the FCC limits everyone outside of the US, I'm hesitant to post this.

The FCC has made very strong statements around enabling third-party software, and one would be wise, in my opinion, to understand their viewpoint and arguments, prior to ranting and raving on the EU matter. The EU study group seems more like they would be more interested in global harmony of regulations and well-conceived and worded language of a peer, than the knee-jerk reactions of some hacker (which may be how they interpret the commentors).

Press releases and consent decree in various formats linked below

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(j) “Investigation” means the investigation commenced by the Bureau in EB-SED-15- 00019891 regarding whether TP-Link violated the Equipment Authorization and Marketing Rules by marketing routers in the United States that were shipped with TP-Link software that permitted the user to change the country code for the router, thereby enabling the router to operate at a higher power than allowed on certain restricted Wi-Fi channels.

Strange they don’t fine firearms manufactures/sellers because of the dead caused using their products ......

Sorry for the rant ... got poor grades on all my logic courses

If most are not aware perhaps it's the case to get in touch with the Expert Group in order to push them otherwise and also to let them know the impacts of this possible change.

sure the experts with an http landing page ?

ICYMI: here is the statement made by Hauke on behalf of the OpenWrt Project.


I never got this. If the country settings are locked, the device will be outside specifications every time I travel abroad or viceversa if someone wants to operate at a higher power, they can just buy a device from that specific country.

Or get a

Don’t know if it works but nevertheless....