Ethernet is great wifi not so much

I have a cable modem connection, wired to an edgerouter 4.

Wireless is via a google nest wifi behind the edgerouter 4.

br-lan is the Nest, and lan0 is the cable..

 OpenWrt 22.03.2, r19803-9a599fee93

I loaded kmod-tcp-bbr, tc-full, and sqm-scripts.

ethernet gets the full 200/30 connection.. but wireless gets 35/15

I've enabled software flow offloading, and hardware flow offloading, as well as increasing the txqueue len on br-lan and lan0.. (2048)

fq_codel or cake on lan0 or br-lan doesn't make a difference..

I'm trying to get the edge in front of the Nest as I'm trying to work on things for work.. but everyone in the house doesn't like it as it slows things down for them..

House is 40+ devices, kids with smart TVs, netflix, hulu, etc.. all work but of course occasionally lag and buffer.. Google Home app tests 200+ / 35+ every night.. but (again) I'm not getting that when using wifi..

(.. if I take the OpenWRT device out.. of course things are much better.. )

Open to suggestions keeping the OpenWRT device..

Thanks in advance.

Toss the nest in the trashbin?

Did you actually configure sqm (cake) for 190/32? Offloads don't help at all.