ESXi | Network map | Will this work?

I have ordered a 4 port Gigabit card for my home server.

It is running ESXi and I have successfully installed OpenWrt 21.02.3.

I am thinking about the following network design, but would appreciate some guidance if anybody is running a similar setup.

Gi0/0 = WAN port = DHCP client
Gi0/1 = LAN port = OpenWrt's LAN port in the form of a dot1q trunk to managed switch.
Gi0/3 = ESXi's connection to the LAN. This will provide ESXi management and LAN connectivity for the other VMs.

Other switch ports/VLANs will connect to my LAN devices, Wi-Fi access point and Work VLAN.

Will this work?

If I configure OpenWrt LAN interface with a static IP address in ESXi and set the OpenWrt VM to 'start at power on', will the network establish correctly?


Yes that will work.

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