Espressobin V7 - Throughput limitations

I know this question is stickied at the top of this forum, but I did some research and it seems the hardware SHOULD be capable of handling the throughput:

Marvell Armada 3700LP (88F3720) dual-core ARM Cortex A53 processor up to 1.2GHz

Is this CPU simply not powerful enough to handle 1Gb/s? Im averaging 500-700Mbps which seems a bit low for the elevated hardware.

In addition, I read other places that this was capable of handling 1 Gbps.

A53 is a low end - low power CPU core from 2012, even cheap mediatek novadays have much more powerfull CPU chips, and it's not only about 1.2GHz, what scenario you use it, for example you use adblock? openvpn?
I'm 99% sure you not gonna get full gigabit with this CPU without tricky stuff and big optimizations.

For example i use now g5500 x86 CPU, which i guess 10-12 times faster than yours due to benchmarks, and it gets 32-38% cpu when i go Iperf3 full gigabit via openvpn.

Due to forum posts if you wanna cheap gigabit - you HAVE to use x86, if you have more money you should go some kind expensive router.

p.s. i really think 500-700 megabit is only because insane OpenWrt optimization, latest kernel, latest drivers, not because your hardware is good.


Re: Tricky Stuff
Yeah, I was looking into 802.3ad bonding via OpenWrt to see if I could bridge two ethernet ports, then create a virtual interface on the mac to tunnel my two ethernet adapters together, but thats proving to be pretty advanced (and I dont even know if that would fix the bottleneck)

Well articulated response. I guess what's advertised and described by others doesn't always reflect reality :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing a reference CPU that gets the benchmarks I'm looking for. Seems like a mini rig with a healthy amount of "cpu headroom" with vetted network cards might be the better route to future proof.

Guess I'll just use this thing for other purposes once I upgrade.

Edit: Does that CPU support hardware offloading?

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