ESPRESSObin V7 revision?

I just noticed that ESPRESSObin released the V7 version.

Mainly updateda "new" 1.2G processor and ddr4 memory and updated JATG.
I Can use the current openwrt image after purchasing the V7 revision?
Does openwrt require a patch, considering that the new version uses ddr4 memory?

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the v7 has also an optional 4Go eMMC.

FYI: Support for ESPRESSObin v7 has been added with;a=commit;h=de3387654b5b65dcd9029d68c8c2fab29f6fef84

snapshot downloads for ESPRESSObin v7 are available at


Thank you tmomas, I have just tested the 18.06.02 with your v7-EMMC.DTB compiled from your git and it get me fully available v7 devices.
EMMC : ok
NETWORKS V7 order : ok

Great work

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