Error with package on 23.05.2 Firmware Selector cypress-nvram-43455-sdio-rpi-4b

I've been running a RPi4B for a few years now with a USB ethernet device. I use the cypress-nvram-43455-sdio-rpi-4b package for this. The latest 23.05.2 firmware build seems to be missing this package. Has it been renamed, or has support been migrated somewhere else? I don't want to install without it to see what happens, because my usb ethernet could fail, rendering my home without internet while I sort out the downgrade, and any potential configuration issues that come with that. Is anyone else seeing this issue with similar hardware?

I have the exact same issue.

@luciferin @PrMinisterGR
To minimize this risk, I alternate between 2 SD cards: install a secondary one, without touching the active one for easier fallback.

If you look at "Customize installed packages and/or first boot script" in image selector of V22 and V23, it seems the package was simply renamed. I remember having read that a lot of packages had been renamed in 23.05:
... cypress-nvram-43455-sdio-rpi-4b ...
... brcmfmac-nvram-43455-sdio ...