Error with DHCP while trying to separate a guest network

I have never seen this error before:

An error occurred while saving the form:

RPC call to uci/add failed with ubus code 9: Unspecified error
at ClassConstructor.handleCallReply (

it happened after following a solution by @vgaetera in this thread: Guest network clients do not get IP address from DHCP - #15 by mirodin

  • You didn't link his post (you linked the one above it)
  • The post that is his - references the command line

Since I'm quite certain this message is from the web GUI, you'll have to provide some actual description of your issues/problems (if any).

  • Is it persistent...does it disappear...can you provide a screenshot?
  • Do you enter all 3 commands, or just 1 or 2 before it appeared?
  • :bulb: Did you successfully separate the guest network?
  • What is the model of your device?
  • What version of OpenWrt is it running?
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Version: OpenWrt 21.02.0 r16279-5cc0535800.
Model Linksys EA4500
I have a bit more than 3 years using Openwrt and always use the separated guest wlan, difference now is that i need to use a dns server for the lan internally and another dns (adguard home in a raspberry pi connected by ethernet to the lan) for the guest wlan.

Of course I entered the 3 commands, I always read and try, retry and investigate before bothering people with questions, but this time I could not figure it out.

It is persistent, I have reboot the device 3 times and it is still there, this is happening after i used the @vgaetera command (by the way, he has saved me many times with his solutions).

The message is from the web GUI, when i try to setup dhcp for guest i get the error.

I really thought i would have an answer.
What im trying to do is to resolve lan and wlan with Adguard Home in router and guest wifi with a pihole connected through ethernet, i hope this way is more clear and somebody can help.

  • You haven't said if this prevents you from actually completing the task
  • Can you show a screenshot?
  • Does this happen running the most recent version OpenWrt?
  • I'm still confused on how the command line entries relate to the web GUI error
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The relation with the commands is that the error showed on gui after i set the commands on cli, i went to set dhcp on guest and got this error.. Yes is the latest for the EA4500. It -prevented- me, i just restarted from scratch, i think the error was related to using -Multiple DHCP/DNS server/forwarder instances- commands here: [OpenWrt Wiki] DNS and DHCP examples and setting the device as bridge using the other command mentioned before, maybe if i set as router or switch would had been different.
What im looking for is to serve with adguard on router my private lan & wifi, and serve an isolated guest wifi with adguard on a raspberry pi connected through ethernet to lan.

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