Error: Opcode not supported on the processor: mips2 (mips2) 'sync'


While compiling the openwrt project, i'm facing the "opcode not supported" errors as seen in the attached image.

FYI - The below changes are already present in the ev.c file.

#define ECB_MEMORY_FENCE         __asm__ __volatile__ (".set mips2; 
sync; .set mips0" ::: "memory")

Let me know if any other information is required.


what does this mean, exactly ?


I'm working on the GL-Puli XE300 router based on OpenWrt 22.03 and creating a custom firmware for the router.

I've integrated the custom packages and source files in the build.

Did you solve it? I met the same problem.

OP isn't using proper Openwrt, the replies may not apply to the real thing.