Error in "Guest Wi-Fi basics" wiki page?

Hi all.

There is one line in the "Guest Wi-Fi basics" wiki page that I have doubts about:

# Configure DHCP
uci -q delete dhcp.guest
uci del_list dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].interface=br-guest
uci add_list dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].interface=br-guest # <<< THIS LINE HERE
uci set dhcp.guest="dhcp"
uci set dhcp.guest.interface="guest"
uci set dhcp.guest.start="100"
uci set dhcp.guest.limit="150"

The effect of this line is to add the following line:

list interface 'br-guest'

to the main "config dnsmasq" section of /etc/config/dhcp. The default configuration of this section (on a BT Home Hub 5A that has been reset to defaults) contains no value for this option whatsoever, and (if I have understood correctly) the "DNS and DHCP configuration" wiki page says that its default value is "all interfaces", hence by default dnsmasq listens on all interfaces.

Surely just adding this option would therefore stop dnsmasq from listening on all interfaces other than br-guest?

Interestingly, the alternative "equivalent" wiki page makes no mention of this configuration setting whatsoever.

Question: is this line/option an error and if so, should it just be removed, or should it be replaced with something else?

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I agree, that option is not required on the default setup, so reverting the edit.
A multi-instance setup is beyond the scope of the basic how-to.

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