Error after flashing Archer C7 AC1750

I tried to install another firmware created for a school project on my tp-link ac1750 but the flashing process was taking a long time so I stopped it, trying to turn on my router I realize that it shuts down a few seconds after the leds blink.
I tried to reset the firmware with the reset button on the back of the firmware, but I still get the same problem. So I have the following questions

  • If the problem is the firmware, how can I flash the router with the default version, since I can't do it via the web page

  • If it is not the case how can I fix this problem?


it could be recoverable via tftp flash.

Hello, sorry about the late reply, could you explain your answer, please?, I'm new to it

the link tells you how to do it.

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Okay thanks, I'm trying it

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Thank you it works

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