Error 255 no matter what im doing


Im trying to get started on a Aqara Hub, freshly installed openwrt and it seems like i cant install anything on it, no matter what package im trying to install i meet with error 255
even if its from the list of packages in the local ui

im using the newest 21.02.01
thanks in advanced

Please copy and paste the commands you are issuing as well as the errors you are seeing in response.

Does your device have normal internet connectivity? From the router itself, can you ping

Yes, I can ping ""
trying to run:

wget -O - | sh

getting: found, but incompatible with the architectures configured
even something as "git" will spitout the same error

anyway to fix this?

Given that this is a home assistant installation issue, I'd recommend asking on the HA forums and/or directly to the maintainer of that script.

it happens with every package even with ones on the "software" list

for ref. my distfeeds

root@OpenWrt:~# cat /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf
src/gz openlumi_core
src/gz openlumi_base
src/gz openlumi_luci
src/gz openlumi_node
src/gz openlumi_openlumi
src/gz openlumi_packages
src/gz openlumi_routing
src/gz openlumi_telephony

These do not come from the official openwrt repos. Ask the maintainer of that script or the owner of the repo.

Where did your openwrt image come from?

suitable for Aqara hub

Looks like you opened an issue on GitHub...

They should be able to help you from here.

Good luck.

Yeah, that is not an official openwrt version. Please work with the team that put that image together.

I understand, thank you guys!

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